Is the universe's order the result of unguided accidental chance processes, without an overseeing plan, and purpose?

Or, are the infinitely unique, and innumerable manifestations of creation with their perfectly planned arrangements, delicate and complex balance, universal harmony, and precise mathemetical and subtle aesthetics, revealing signs and symbols of a higher purpose and meaning pointing towards the existence of a Magnificent, Transcendent Infinitely Powerful, Creative and Loving Source?

A person's viewpoint regarding the origin, purpose, and destiny of both humanity, and creation will significantly affect one's personal and collective quality of life, and well-being.

Conscious attention and observation, and honest and sincere contemplation about the marvels of the universe and realities of life will pave the way toward a better realization of a Self-Evident Truth.
Any conscious and sincere individual, who would critically evaluate the marvelous miracle of human, or all living beings with their delicately complex, and autonomous function systems, will soon realize the existence of “ONE Supremely Powerful, Lovingly Wise, Perfect Being as The Creator and Sustainer of all the worlds.

Although modern science, and medicine has invented many machines to imitate, and to replace human organs, and body parts, no machine can, and ever will come close to the, multidimensional dexterity, effective, and uniqueness of the human body.

Here are just a few marvelous facts and miraculous evidences about
The InnerVerse The Universe Within .

The Spiritual Reality

The more we reflect on the majestic design and grand purpose of the universe, the more we are reminded of the Creator.

The supremacy of mind over matter is a phrase much used, but the greatest factor in the estimate of reality is the supremacy of the spiritual over the material. The material is ephemeral and relative, whereas the spiritual is eternal and real.

By seeking primarily the material, we become unaware of our inner powers and traditions that give us the guidance and fulfillment which we so desperately seek in the outside world.

Our authentic insight tells us that we are more than our marvelous bodies and experiences, and that our worth, contentment, and success can never be measured in accordance to one’s material, and ephemeral positions and possessions.

We are defined by what, and who we are on the inside, rather than by what we own and who we are on the outside. If we were to believe, we are who we are based on our physical characteristics, status, and, material possessions; who would we be, if we wouldn't have those things any more?

Beyond the mask and symbols of this material and ephemeral universe lies the eternal realm of our spiritual reality, and Divine heritage - our true identity, purpose and eternal fulfillment of the heights bliss.

And as there are infinite shades and grades in the material world, much of which is still undiscovered, there are even greater dimensions and realities in the spiritual world.

In reality, we are unique and powerful spiritual beings housed in a material body within the realm of this probationary transient life.

And even though each human being is influenced by their environment and the relentless pursuit for short-lived pleasures and power, founded on the same “if only I had more” logic; there is also the quest for meaning, well-being, for truth, love, justice, goodness, inner prosperity, fulfillment, and the best possible condition of being alive.

Also, Inherently deep within each individual resides the miracle of a “limited free-will, and the deciding power”, that if not corrupted, can clearly recognize “The Creator and Sustaining Source of all the worlds” and choose between the beneficial consequences of good, or the destructive consequences of bad.

Those who follow the quest and deep desire towards seeking, recovering and reclaiming their reconnection to “The Ultimate Supreme Creator and Sustainer of all the worlds” are rewarded, with God’s Love, and Beneficial Guidance, contentment and prosperity in this probationary, transient life, and eternal fulfillment of the highest bliss in the eternal world to come.

“Our Creator” is to be found in the depth of our being, at the core of our existence. He is perceived by the searching light of faith and reason, the investigative search for truth and the illuminating embrace of love.

Purification of the self leads to a vision that sees through and beyond the limitation of the material world. The marvelous seen world in all its vastness, much of which is still undiscovered, is small in comparison to the spiritual reality.

The more we reflect on the majestic design and grand purpose of the universe, the more we are reminded of "The Creator".

Fundamental to our being are degrees of spiritual awareness that affect every dimension of our existence. Spiritual awareness can be understood in the physical realm through symbols taken from things familiar to us in this life. In essence, life itself is a symbol, just as the whole phenomenal universe is a symbol.

From animate to inanimate, from inner to outer, and from micro to macro, everyone and everything within universe as a whole and all its indispensable parts and remarkable variations matters, is unique, is deeply and subtly interconnected, interdependent and by its very existence reveals and bears witness to the “Necessary Existence and Oneness of its Perfect Creator, Cherisher and Sustainer, Who is called by many Names; Who is Omnipotent (all-powerful), Omnipresent (all present), Omniscient (all-knowing), and Omni-Benevolent (Infinite Benevolent), and The Uncaused Cause of all beings; The Ultimate Reality beyond space, time, gender and limitations; free of all needs, on Whom all Depend, to Whom all things return".

It is generally understood that each snowflake, or each individual’s finger print is unique. But the true reality from all aspects, every angle, any side and all dimensions reveals that Allah, Who is The Uncaused First Cause and The Evolver of the universe, Has Created everyone and everything as "one-of-a-kind”. Not only are no two creatures alike, but no creature ever has two experiences which are alike; although they are created from, and nourished with the same elements and formed of the same constituents.

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